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Fancy a spooky but uber cool Fridge? If yes, these glow in the dark Headphones, Caps and Bandana wearing skulls are just the fridge magnets you want. For the best glow during the dark let the skulls get some light. Get them made in your favorite colors.


Our creations are an attempt to make everyday things that wed urban life with nature, resulting in a rustic-chic vibe. At ‘Elemental’ we are committed to being earth-friendly and upcycle materials and incorporate them into both the creations and the packaging. Each of the pieces is handcrafted over a few days and is designed to mark a relationship with the person who goes on to make it theirs!Available in a variety of colors.


**** As all of our products are carefully handcrafted the size, color and measurements might vary a tiny bit.

Glow in the dark Skull Fridge magnets

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