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Taijitu Yin and Yang Succulent Planter - An all handcrafted two piece planter is a unique accent for your living or work space with holes for drainage. Robust planters for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for succulents.


H*L - 2*5.5 inches

Color - Black and White


Our creations are an attempt to make everyday things that wed urban life with nature, resulting in a rustic-chic vibe. At ‘Elemental’ we are committed to being earth-friendly and upcycle materials and incorporate them into both the creations and the packaging. Each of the pieces is handcrafted over a few days and is designed to mark a relationship with the person who goes on to make it theirs!


**** As all of our products are carefully handcrafted the size and color might vary a tiny bit.

Taijitu - Yin and Yang Concrete Planter

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